A study by the CSIRO between 1996-98 showed 1 in 3 homes to have either some form of termite damage or termite activity. This figure is quite astonishing considering home insurance does not cover termite damage. With the average cost of repairs being in the tens of thousands of dollars, the shock of being faced with active termites in your most prized possesion can be quite overwhelming.

As the map below shows our region lies in the high range of termite activity which is why it is so important for owners in to have yearly professional termite inspections carried out. Our Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and  Central Coast termite inspection team can inform you of a schedule that will protect your property.

central coast high risk of termite damage.

We are trained, accredited and experienced to perform timber pest inspections to Australian Standards 3660.2 at your property. The standard requires a minimum of at least an annual inspection to your property to detect termite activity at its earliest stages.

A termite inspection to your home consists of tapping all accesible timbers to test for hollow sounding areas, we also use a moisture meter to detect elevated areas of moisture which could either indicate the presence of termites or water leaks which could be conducive to future termite attack.

All accessible areas of roof voids and subfloors are also inspected. Yards, fences, gardens and trees are also inspected for termite activity.

A full report is either written or emailed detailing findings of not only termite activity if found but also areas which are conducive to future termite attack.

So if its an annual inspection you require or if you suspect you may have active termites, rest assured that when you trust First Choice Pest And Termite Solutions for your termite inspections you will receive professional workmanship at competitive rates.

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